Layne Randolph, former in-house attorney to FENDI in Rome, Italy, provides trademark law education and services to small and medium business owners to help them safeguard their intellectual property.

“When I started my legal practice, I eliminated hourly billing and implemented flat fee billing in its place. In my experience, clients want and need to know real costs before they move forward with legal work.”

– Layne Randolph, Esq.

Federal Trademark Registration

Once begun, the trademark application process can take up to a year. With a flat fee arrangement, you’re not billed for reviewing files or emails, researching issues, responding to you by phone or email, or corresponding with the USPTO if there are questions or if more documentation is needed during the application process. Contact us to discuss your particular situation.

  • Trademark consultation and knockout search*
  • Full search and analysis of potential risks and complications prior to trademark application filing
  • Trademark application without full search
  • Full search and trademark application
Schedule a knockout search for a consultation prior to engaging services.

*Trademark consultation and knockout search includes determining whether there are marks that might prevent your trademark from being registered, and it includes a 15 minute consultation. The small fee is then credited if you choose to file your trademark application.