Are Fashion Bloggers Ruining NY Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week

Fashion week has become “20 million people with zero connection to the clothes.” – Oscar de la Renta

There is a new movement happening around New York fashion week. Many fashion professionals believe that the hordes of wanna-be and real fashion fans/bloggers have seriously mucked up the affair.  The result is that many true fashion insiders are reluctant to attend, causing some to wonder whether fashion bloggers are ruining NY Fashion Week.  IMG, the company that organizes Fashion Week, is trying to revamp what has “developed into a cluttered, often cost-prohibitive and exhausting period for [the] industry to effectively do business,” according to Catherine Bennett, senior vice president and managing director for IMG (Courtesy of NYMag).

Others argue that fashion bloggers bring new interest to Fashion Week and make it accessible to all.  Many fashion bloggers attend Fashion Week only to try to grab some attention by wearing outrageous street fashion to use for their own publicity.  But these bloggers also provide free advertising for the designers.  But of course the free advertising also provides free publicity to the blogger, who often has no legitimate tie to the fashion industry other than stalking Fashion Weeks and vying to be photographed.  The media focus from the fashion model to the little known blogger is ubiquitous, and not everyone is happy about it.

New plans for how to manage these adaptations to the industry include strictly limiting invitations to legitimate fashion industry insiders and thereby limiting those with what IMG describes as having a “tenuous connection to the fashion industry” from crashing the party, at least inside the shows.



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