Fashion Illustration by Juan J. Rivera, Former Intern.

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“Layne is simply fantastic in front of her fellow lawyers– even those in the middle of a grueling travel schedule.  As a programmer and as an attendee, I found her presentation to be informative, engaging, and entertaining (a rare combination in the CLE business!).  That she is repeatedly asked to return to UMKC’s seminars is no accident; she is one of the most popular speakers on our overseas programs, and makes sure that her subject matter is never stale.  She has my wholehearted endorsement as a speaker who breathes life into CLE.”  -Aaron Lukken, UMKC CLE Programs

“Thank you, Layne, for coming to London and talking to us at the British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association. Your enthusiasm and passion for your subject was contagious, as the very lively debate with the audience demonstrated. I hope that you will visit London again before long and bring with you further news from the world of fashion and IP.”   -Brigitte Lindner, Registered European Lawyer and Member of BLACA (British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association)

“Thank you, Layne!  You gave a wonderful presentation…members of the group were still talking about it days later.” -Daniel J. McCarroll, Director, Continuing Legal Education, UMKC School of Law.

Representative Speaking Engagements

November 21, 2013 “IP and Fashion” British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association, London, England

November 18-19, 2013 “Franchising Internationally” International Development of Law Organization, Rome, Italy

July 3, 2013 “IP Licensing and Franchising” International Development of Law Organization, Rome, Italy

April 2013 “Fashion Law Overview” Case Western Law School, Cleveland, Ohio

November 5, 2013 “IP Protections in Fashion Design: A Comparison of US and EU Laws” European and International Law Conference, Rome, Italy

July 2, 2013 “IP Licensing and Franchising Internationally”, International Development of Law Organization’s Annual IP Licensing Seminar, Rome, Italy

May 14, 2012 “Career Spotlight: Working In House for a Fashion Brand” USC Students Abroad Presentation, Rome, Italy

May 11, 2012 “IP Protections in Fashion Design: A Comparison of US and EU Laws,” UMKC International Law Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

November 2010 and November 2012, “IP Protection in Fashion and the IDPA” University of Missouri-Kansas City Bar Association’s International Law Conference, Rome, Italy

June 2010. 2011, 2012 “International Franchising” International Development of Law Organization, Rome, Italy

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  1. Sylvie
    May 07, 2012

    Hi Layne,
    Where in Rome and at what time will this UPCOMING SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT: “IP LICENSING AND FRANCHISING” July 2, 2012, Rome Italy, take place? I’m a IP In-House Lawyer student from the CEIPI in Strasbourg, France. I would love to come. May I?
    Thanks for your kind reply,

    • LayneRandolph
      May 22, 2012


      Contact cbrancaccio@idlo.int and she can give you all of the details. All the best – Layne

  2. orly ruaimi
    Aug 19, 2013

    Just sent it to your Facebook mail 🙂

  3. Orly ruaimi
    Aug 19, 2013

    Hello Layne,

    I am a jewelry designer based in San Francisco. Would love to connect with you – need your help 🙂


    Orly ruaimi

    • LayneRandolph
      Aug 19, 2013

      Hi Orly – I sent you an email response via my facebook page – just send your number and I will call you to discuss. Looking forward to speaking with you.