It’s Simple.


Doing what’s right for your business shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating. Yet for many, the idea of contacting an attorney to get much-needed information is beyond intimidating – it’s overwhelming. For one thing, billable hours are scary (clock is tick-tocking!!) for even the most seasoned businessperson.

Years ago, when I left a big, international law firm and branched out on my own, I decided to do things differently. One of the first things that I implemented was to ELIMINATE HOURLY BILLING. It is an arcane billing structure that serves nobody but the law firm. I believe clients want and need to know the costs they will pay before they agree to buy. And agreeing on cost upfront takes so much of the tension away on both sides, and makes for happier customers. In the case of a trademark application, for example, the costs shown below cover everything up to the time that the registration is issued, and that can take up to a year. You’re not charged for my time reviewing email, responding, or on phone calls, not even for corresponding with the USPTO if there are questions or additional documentation needed. It’s simple. 

But what about the Internet companies promising to file your trademark for super low prices? I’m personally glad that they exist, because they serve a purpose. What you’ll get is a cookie cutter approach to business that will get an application filed at a lower rate. What you won’t get is a person that is interested in your business and success, someone who knows the law and has a commitment to you and that is willing to cap your cost based on an upfront analysis of your trademark. Can I file the application myself? Of course you can always file the application for trademark registration yourself, and you are not required to have an attorney prepare or file it for you. I personally caution against this however, because there are so many details that you can’t learn even by reading all of the information available, some things just come through experience. And, after years of working with trademarks I know that you can make a mistake early on that changes the rights you have in your trademark forever. So how much does it cost? Unfortunately, this is where it gets a wee bit more complicated – but it’s still simple! I’ve laid out a general idea of costs below which may be adjusted based on what you want to do and how much you want to invest right now. Much will depend on where you are at the moment and how likely it is that your mark will have issues during the process, which are things that I can help you assess with the knock-out search below.

Federal Trademark Registration Costs & Filing Fees

  • Trademark consultation and knockout search $99*
  • Full search and detailed analysis of potential risks and complications $999
  • Trademark application $1499 (includes USPTO filing fee of $325 for one class of goods/services)

*Trademark consultation and knockout search includes a search of federally registered trademarks that will assess whether there are marks that would likely preclude your trademark from being registered, and it includes a 15 minute conversation with me. The $99 fee is then credited if you choose to file your trademark through my law firm.

It’s simple. And it’s especially simple if you have already invested in my Trademark Primer for only $249 (sign up below). The Trademark Primer will help you choose a strong trademark, protect the trademark you already have, and fend off infringers. We also show you an actual trademark application form and provide you a list of everything you’ll need to know and have before you file. And if you purchase the Trademark Primer, the cost of the knockout search is $0. So even if you aren’t ready to file a trademark application yet, with the Trademark Primer and the knockout search and consultation you will have a lot of information, affordably, that will help protect you in the meantime. And if you are ready to go, the chances of having a stronger mark are that much greater.

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