“T-Shirts to Triumph: Stella McCartney”

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Stella McCartney is no stranger to struggle.

Once upon a time, McCartney was snubbed as a “T-shirt designer” by Karl Lagerfield in her early fashion design days.  But Stella McCartney has officially arrived as 2012 draws to a close.  She received awards for the “Designer of the Year” and “Designer Brand of the Year” at the British Fashion Awards ceremony held last week.

McCartney’s recognition from her international growth, celebrity following among the Hollywood stars, and status as an “Olympian” designer for the Team Great Britain in 2012 is conclusive of her rightful place among Britain’s premier fashion designers.  And her T-shirts paired with tailored pant suits have become a cult favorite in fashionista circles.  Her refusal to use leather or fur in her designs and products costs her profit margin dearly, but she embraces the challenge.  For McCartney, a “challenge” is the opportunity to take action, which she seeks in everything from fashion design to the environment.

Stella McCartney’s greatest triumphs are likely yet to come.  Her luxury brand will be the first to join the Natural Resources Defense Council in its Clean by Design program in addressing pollution resulting from textile production.  And that’s just one of many challenges on Stella McCartney’s horizon.  Stay tuned….


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